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The Knights of St. James'


St. James' Men's Ministry goes under the banner of The Knights of St. James'


To develop the spiritual life of the men in the St James’ and empower them to reach out to non-Christian men they meet in their daily lives to win them to Christ.


It is all-inclusive from the young teens, who need male role models and mentoring, through to the oldest of us drawing our pensions, who with the wisdom of their years, have sage advice to pass onto us younger ones and would welcome some company.

It is Bible-based and outward looking. As Christians we are called to live differently based upon biblical teaching, strengthening each other in our individual walk with God so that we can reach out to a hurting world desperately in need of Jesus.


To achieve our objectives we intend to provide a range of fellowship opportunities that will be open to all men, regardless of age, to develop and strengthen male relationships in the church and our individual walks with God.

If you would like to find out more contact us via the Parish Office 

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