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Edge Community


Christian Mission begins with Presence: Jesus came to earth, became human, to be present to us, for a purpose - to show us the Father and bring us back into a relationship with God.


Following the Diocese of York’s re-ordering of Selby Parish boundaries in 2000, the Flaxley Road estate became part of St. James’ parish. The vicar and PCC of St James’ recognised that there was a real need to build and develop a Christian presence on the estate, which led to the lauch of The Edge Project in 2006. In collaboration with Church Army, Capt. Richard Cooke was appointed to live with his family among the people of Flaxley Road. The purpose was clear: to share the good news of Jesus in word and action, enabling people to come into relationship with the Father in the power of the Spirit.

The aim was always to create a new Christian community – a people called to be present to people locally long term, in way that established congregation of St James’ could not. Thus in 2009 the Edge Community was formed with an initial core team of seven adults and seven children.

In 2011, Church Army offered us the chance to make Selby a ‘Centre of Mission’, bringing a second evangelist to work alongside Richard full-time and allow us to reach wider and deeper, which has proved a great blessing.

Who is involved?

Lots of people, in different ways:

  • Richard Cooke is a Church Army Evangelist, living with  his family on the estate and working full-time with St James' Church to build God's kingdom.

  • Amy Hayes is our Edge Pioneer Evangelist living and working alongside Richard and the Edge team.  

  • The Core Team are those who see Edge Community as their spiritual home and the main place they give of themselves in mission. They are in this for the long haul.

  • Co-workers come alongside for specific roles; for example helping with our work with children or young people, or serving on our Community Bus - people for whom Edge is part of their giving out, whilst belonging primarily to the St James’ community or another church.

  • Supporting all we do are - those who are called to give of themselves in prayer and / or financially. This is a role everyone can take in some way.


Edge Community meet for public worship every week on the estate and with the help of St James’ members they have developed a host of ministries including work with the local primary school, seeker courses, discipleship groups, an after-school, a double decker bus engaging in detached street work, a Youth group and parenting courses.


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